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Sanjoya, the online jewellery shop

Sanjoya is a design house, wholesaler and online jeweler of a beautiful collection of distinctive jewelery. Sanjoya is a translation of Sandra's jewel. In the word Joya the word Joy is also locked up. Jewelry gives our customers that extra joy in their lives. Exactly that is what we hope to give our customers. Together with Michel (her partner) and the Sanjoya team we would like to welcome you to Sanjoya.

Sanjoya is the continuation of Horlogerie DEKA, the well-known Antwerp jewelery store that was founded by David Kleinmann on 15 January 1933 and continued in 1980 by his son Roger Kleinmann. In 2013, the jewelery store on the Abdijstraat closed its doors and a completely new road was taken. With a new focus as a design house, distributor and online shop, the third generation of the family business took over the business. What was to remain is the great reputation that our company has always characterized. An excellent quality and service, for which we were always praised.

Sandra Kleinmann talks about the key to success of the family business with 31 years of experience in the jewelry industry. 'With so many years of experience, we know the market and the wishes of our B2B and B2C customers. What distinguishes the collections is a unique and original design and excellent quality. We have something nice in the collection for every age, within several styles. Being able to serve the same loyal customers for 80 years means that you understand what customers demand of you. The step from retail to (online) wholesale, design house and online jeweler does not change that'.