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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(1) How much are transport costs within Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg?

For orders under € 45 the cost of sending is € 4,50. For orders over € 45 the order is sent free of charge. For more information please visit transport charges.

(2) The website says that a model is in stock but I have just received a message that the model is not available?

Unfortunately it can happen that an article is listed as in stock in error. We do our best to minimise this. If this happens we try and notify you as soon as possible and suggest an alternative.

(3) I have seen an item on the website with a reduction. Does this reduction also apply in shops where Sanjoya jewels are sold?

No, not necessarily, as this can vary between sales points. It may be that the Sanjoya web shop offers a reduction which is not applicable in the shop you visit. On the other hand, you may receive a reduction in the shop that is not applicable on the website.

(4) I have ordered a model which is already reduced, but have not received the additional 10% for my reduction code?

Unfortunately, if you find something on our website that is already reduced you cannot take advantage of the extra reduction for your offer code. You can use the offer for a later order.

(5)  Can purchased products be returned or exchanged? (=right of withdrawel/ trial period)

Yes, you can return or exchange your purchase within 14 days. It is important that products are completely undamaged and (if reasonably possible) are returned in original and undamaged packaging. Note that products that were made specifically on your request, can not be returned, see To refund the purchase price will take about 14 days at the maximum, after returning the products by you. We recommend you to retain the proof of shipment, that was handed over for shipping the goods. This in order to avoid any problems afterwards. If products are returned damaged Sanjoya can ask you for a compensation fee. Download the Model form for With drawal here.

(6) Can you tell me if there is a jeweller in our area who sells Sanjoya jewellery or watches?

On the Sanjoya website you can visit the dealer locator, where you can find a network of associated Sanjoya jewellers.

(7) I get an error message when I am transferred to the bank and/or credit card page?

It may be that your browser session has expired.Refresh the page by pressing CTRL+F5 and try again to complete your order. There could be a problem with the back system, keep an eye on the messages on the bank website. If it still doesn’t work, contact us via You can also phone +32 3 237 95 50 for Belgian customers, or +31 20 260 01 21 for customers in the Netherlands.

(8) Can I order something and have it engraved straight away?

It is possible to have a piece of jewellery engraved at Sanjoya. We see engraving as a service to our customers and do not charge for this. As soon as we receive the piece we will look at it to see whether the engraving is suitable for the piece of jewellery. If this is not the case we will contact you to suggest a suitable alternative. Please note that once an item has been engraved it can no longer be returned to us. The delivery time may also longer.

(9) How do I measure the correct ring size?

If you have a ring you can measure its cm diameter. After taking the measurement, you can send us the correct size and desired engraving per email at The engraving will be done free of charge. Two to 3 weeks after receipt of your email we will send the rings to you by registered post. If you need the rings sooner, please state this in your email. We will of course take this into account when ordering the rings.

Some additional tips and comments:
Measure your ring size at room temperature. An environment that is too hot or too cold may mean the measurement is not accurate.
For pregnant women this helps avoid the fingers being swollen, which would mean that the ring was too big after the pregnancy. Take this into account when measuring. If the ring you have chosen is a wide model, this comes up smaller than a narrower model. Rings wider than 6mm are considered wide models. It is not possible to return rings as they are specially ordered for you. As soon as we receive the rings we look to see whether the requested engraving is in fact possible. If this is not the case, we will contact you to suggest a suitable alternative.

(10) Is the price on the website always correct?

The prices given are conditional on price changes. Unfortunately, we cannot ensure that there is no difference between the given and the actual price, especially given the fluctuations in the gold and silver market.

(11) Are all the prices given in the webshop for consumers inclusive of VAT?

Yes, all prices given on the Sanjoya website are inclusive of VAT. In the shopping bag the VAT at 21%  is itemised.  

(12) What should I do if I have a complaint?

We do everything we can to deal with your order to perfection. If in spite of this you have a complaint about our service, a product or our website, please fill in our contact form or send an email to We will look into your complaint and get back to you with a substantive response within 14 days. If a complaint can not be solved by us, you can contact the arbitration board of For Belgian customers we refer to
For having dispute within the European Union can also contact a new online platform for dispute resolution in Europe, called the ODR platform. Complaints both consumers and entrepreneurs will be submitted to the appropriate Arbitration Board. Just visit

(13) I can’t find the ring size that I am looking for. Can I order it?

If your ring size is not listed we ask you to contact us about it. Smaller (child) sizes or sizes larger than 58 can usually also be supplied.

(14) How do I sign up for the Sanjoya newsletter?

You can sign up for the Sanjoya newsletter by clicking the newsletter tab.

(15) What is the difference between sterling silver, silver and silver plated?

Sterling silver is the name given to silver with the highest silver content. Silver on its own means it is silver with a lower silver content. Plated can have a base layer of silver, but also of another material. If a piece of jewellery is described as silver and plated then the base for the gilding is usually silver. Under materials you can use the search filter to find out what materials are used in the manufacture of a product.

(16) How to choose your ring size?

For selecting the correct ring size you can use a handy tool. Follow the instructions in the PDF 'Choose the right ring size'