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Warranty and defects

1. Warranty period

It can happen that something goes wrong with your purchase and we will do our best to deal with this as quickly as possible. The legal warranty period is 2 years. Legal guarantee means that a product must do what what the consumer believes can reasonably be expected from that product. 
Guarantees for branded products are always delivered by the supplier. Simple repairs can be carried out in our own workshop. The extra guarantees offered by Sanjoya do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer with regard to warranties and conformity. 

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty: **

  • Damage caused by abnormal use or normal wear and tear.

** These exceptions always need to be assessed by us. If there appears to be a factory defect the normal guarantee will apply.

2. The Warranty is invalid

  • If you open the watch yourself;
  • In case of misuse;
  • In case of water damage (except for waterproof watches, see waterproofing);
  • We strongly advise you not to remove or exchange the watch battery yourself as this invalidates the guarantee and renders the watch no longer.

3. Warranty and defect claims

To enable us to deal with your case as quickly as possible we ask you to fill in the return and repair form. Indicate the type of defect on the form. We ask you to return the item via registered post (for insurance reasons) to:

Sanjoya BVBA, Harmoniestraat 142, 2018 Antwerp, BELGIUM

We advise you to send your package registered to protect against damage or loss. This is not obligatory. If you return a package to us as registered post you do not need to take out extra insurance. PLEASE NOTE: In the case of a defective watch we kindly ask you to enclose the guarantee document for that particular model.

Returns are dealt with in order of arrival and you will be notified about their status. As soon as we have more information we will suggest a solution as quickly as possible. Please note that complex repairs will take a minimum of 3 weeks. Is this an exchange or return? Please first read exchanges and returns.