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Returns and exchanges

1. Approval/cooling off period and return procedures

Sanjoya orders include an approval period of 14 days from the date of delivery. Within this period you can look at, examine and/or try on the item, unless otherwise stated. Please check immediately upon receipt that the item has been delivered undamaged and complete. If this is not the case, please contact us as soon as possible to let us know. If you are not satisfied with the item you can return it.

In conformity with the European legislation you can use the “return and exchange form” to undo your purchase within the period fixed for it. You can also use the “EU form for returns and exchanges” as used by Sanjoya. The last one makes it easier for us to process the revocation. In the form is included full respect as ordered by the “EU form for returns and exchanges”. You can state your preference: exchanging, repairing or your delivery being repaid. Undoing is also allowed in another way (email or post) as long it is clear you want to undo the bargain.

2. How to deal with returns & exchanges

 If you are not satisfied by an item, you can return the item within the following conditions:

  • Announcement of your return:
    • Within the approval period of 14 days after the delivery you announce us your right of return of an item by the “Model form for Withdrawal”. You send the complete document to Your form enters our administration automatically.
    • You can also use another way (email or post) to undo your bargain, as long everything is clear. 
  • Period of sending back your return:
    • After your written announcement you must return the item within a period of 14 days. 
  • Packing of the returned items:
    • The item (the items) must be complete and – as far as possible- in the original state and packaging. 
  • Advice to return the goods in a registered way:
    • We advise to return your item (items) in a registered way (signature required for receipt) via a shipper, for example BPOST or PostNL. According to the general conditions this is not obligatory as the responsibility for returning is completely yours. However, our experience shows that it is better to return packages by registered mail as it is possible that a package can get lost. If you send back in a registered way you are insured against its loss and will be compensated by BPOST or another shipper.
    • The costs for returning are for you. 
  • Address for returning:
    • Please send the registered return or exchange package (with signature for receipt) to the following retrun address: Sanjoya BVBA, mentioning the announcement of return/exchange, Harmoniestraat 142, 2018 Antwerpen, België. 
  • Your return will be examined when received:
    • Within the approval period you have the right to judge of your bargain the same way you would do it in our shop. Sanjoya is allowed charge a compensation fee for items that are returned in a damaged way. If it becomes clear that the damage cannot be repaired or that the items have been used and therefor damaged it becomes possible that the value is reduced. If the damage cannot be repaired, the depreciation may raise to 100%. 
  • Working up of returned items:
    • Returned items are considered and judged in order of time of return. You will be sent an email to inform you of the status of your item(s) returned. You will get a message as well at the time of accepting your return, the status of the appreciation of the item(s) returned, as after the acceptance of the returned item(s). 
  • Period of repayment of item(s) returned:
    • The amount of your purchase and possible extra costs for sending it will be repaid as soon as possible, certainly within 14 days after the announcement of revocation. It is clear the item(s) have to be in our possession or you must be able you have sent the item(s). In case of sending back different item(s), everything has to be in the possession of Sanjoya.
    • If you have chosen for a cash on delivery sending, only the costs of a normal return will be paid for
    • Your purchase will be paid back in the same way you paid Sanjoya for it, unless you agree with another way of payment. Extra charges are in that case never taken into account.
    • If the item(s) sent at your address are damaged at delivery, or if the item was a wrong one, Sanjoya will refund the costs afterwards.

Please announce damage or wrongly sent item(s) immediately at the day of receipt. It makes us easier to react as soon as possible.

 Some items cannot be returned and are excluded from the right of withdrawing. These are:

  • Items that have been engraved to order
  • Items that have been specially made, including rings
  • Items that are made to measure
  • Items adapted to your own specifications

PLEASE NOTE: warranty conditions for jewellery and watches can differ. For more information consult our general conditions.

If your article is broken? Please first go and read 'Warranty en defects'.

3. How to deal with exchanges

Exchanging an item for the same item in a different size or colour is treated as a new order. You return the earlier order within the approval period and enter a new order as normal.  

If you have to return an item due to an error on our part or because of a defect, the costs will of course be covered by us. In your announcement you may indicate immediately which item you want to return or to exchange. Be sure to mention the right colour and size. We deal immediately with your order. If there is a difference in price we pay back the difference or request you to pay. This is done by email. As soon as we have received the additional payment we deal with your order.